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Sujata Refrigeration equipment is the leading name in the Hospitality service equipment manufacturing sectors in Mumbai. Sujata tops the best names in Stainless steel kitchen service equipment manufactures with more than 25 years of experience.

Mr Amar Shetty is personnaly known to many directors, Chefs & project consultants of these industries. Mr Amar Shetty has achieved this premier position in this field by sheer hard work, innovation & through innumerable successful implementation of a wide range of projects for many star hotels, institutions, restaurant chains, malls, corporates, canteens & many big and small hotels.

Sujata executives the total projects from planning, equipment installation, ventillation & ducting, electrical, plumbing etc. under the supervision of project consultants and their teams, in India & outside.

Sujata Kitchen Equipment co. has on display the widest and latest range of food processing machines and service accessories systematically and effectively displayed for customers convenience. Many Foriegn 7 indian Buyers are amazed by the sheer variety, convenience and elegant display.